some important questions in exams

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some important questions in exams

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if u think u r a clever dentist answer these questions:
1- Early squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity usually presents as :
a- vesicle
b- sessile mass
c- a red plaque
d- an ulcer
e- a white cauliflower - like growth

2- diagnosis prior to RCT should always be based on :
a- good medical and dental history
b- proper clinical examintation
c- result of pulp vitality tests
d- periapical radiographic
e- all of the above

3- firm fixed neck nodes are most to be detected in associtation with :

a- ameloblastoma
b- basel cell carcinoma
c- odontogenic fibroma
d- squamous cell carcinoma

4- non resorbable silk :
a- chronic gut
b- plain gut
c- silk

5- central incisor yeloowish in color after truma :

a- pulp haemorrage
b- pulp necrosis
c- all of the above
d- none of the above

6- 10 years old child with multiple radiolucent areas bilateraly :
a- gaint cell granuloma
b_ cherubism
c- none of the above

7- Which bone presents in pairs :
a- lacrimal bone
b- sphenoid bone
c- ethmoid bone
d- all of the above

8- Which tooth make contact with it's neighbouring in the occlusal third:
a- lower incisors
b- lower 2nd premolars
c- upper canines
d- upper first premolars

9- Finishing burs used of composite consist of how many flutes:

a- 6
b- 8
c- 10
d- 12 fluted carbide bur

10- epoxy resin sealer why not used later:

11- A-H 26 sealer used for

12- type of cartilage of the skeletal bones and ribs :

13 - class v composite used retainer :

a- remove excess before then cure after retainer

b- cure then remove the excess

14- Silicate cement :
1- first tooth colored restoration
2-it can used as permenant filling
3- it contains 15% fluoride

a- 1,2,3
b- 1,2
d- 1 only
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